Are you up for some delicious culinary journey? These are the 13 best fine dining Bali you can find out there. Enjoy and have a good time! 

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You are always on the lookout for the best bites, from enormous breakfasts and delicious brunches to hip cafés and ultra-fine dining restaurant bali degustations. 

The same goes for the finest new eateries in Bali, which are continuously being improved. We're all on board with it. 

Our monthly Bali restaurant, cafe, and bar guide covers the whole island of Bali, from Canggu and Seminyak to Uluwatu and Ubud and beyond, keeping you up to date on the newest and most exciting Bali restaurants, cafes, and bars to try in every part of the island.

To be quite honest, we don't frequently sing our own praises. However, we could always recommend the finest spots for a traditional Balinese feast, a mouthwatering burger, or perhaps even the best places to dine vegan throughout the island when it comes to food.

1. Merah Putih Bali

It is possible to achieve the ideal balance between aesthetic design, environmental sustainability, and realistic working environments.

Various unusual materials and methods have been brought together with the aim of displaying the pinnacles of Indonesian best fine dining Bali and workmanship. 

They collect rainwater on their translucent roof columns and route everything into their drainage system.

Advanced ultraviolet (UV) filters clean and recycle water, ensuring that the fine dining restaurant Bali does not rely on limited groundwater resources. 

On the other hand, solar-filtered glass walls enable enough light to pass through to enable our planted interiors to flourish while keeping the hot weather out.

Fine Dining Bali - -13 Best Fine Dining Bali You'll Want to try - Candi Fine Dining Bali - -13 Best Fine Dining Bali You'll Want to try - Candi

Their interior gardens offer intimacy among the grandeur, allowing you to enjoy a delicious private meal or a big social gathering with friends and family without feeling confined by the setting.

2. Barbacoa

As one of Bali's most acclaimed Bali restaurants over the last several years, Barbacoa has attracted an increasingly sophisticated clientele drawn to its rich flavors, extremely cool crowd, welcoming décor, and attentive service. 

Barbacoa has positioned itself as being among the island's best dining destinations. Lunch and dinner are served daily from 12 p.m. to 12 midnight at Barbacoa, which is situated on Jalan Petitenget in Kerobokan and has quickly become one of the most popular dining destinations in the city.

Barbacoa is a Bali restaurant devoted to BBQ, charcoal chimney, wood, and a great deal of smoky flavor. 

A vast warehouse area with large windows, reclaimed wood, ceramic concrete floors, limestone walls, and antique leather banquettes that are wholly distinctive and inviting in every aspect is home to these mixed fire techniques inspired by South American style flavors to produce rustic local cuisine. 

Their chefs are enthusiastic about what they do and are proud of the cuisine they provide. Using the freshest ingredients available to make delicious, simple cuisine that incorporates both ancient and modern methods.

However, although it is well-known for its commitment to meat lovers, it also offers 22 vegetarian alternatives, 28 gluten-free choices, a children's menu, and a fantastic value set dish menu.

There seems to be a private dining room and a function room that has been specifically created. Opening along with a roof balcony with a sight of the rice fields, the loft-type eating space overlooking the Bali restaurant provides a unique dining experience. 

A separate bar and kitchenette make this room perfect for parties of 20 to 100 people for canapés and drinks or a fantastic sit-down dinner experience in a beautiful setting.

3. Mamasan Fine Dining Bali 

It is possible to go back in time to imperial Britain, even during the 1920s in Shanghai, by sitting at marble top mahjong tables and enormous tan leather Chesterfield couches in an industrial warehouse with high ceilings that has been built explicitly for this purpose. 

While eating, look up to see Mama San throughout all her splendor gazing down at her customers and muse over a panorama of old-fashioned photos on the walls. 

Colorful arrangements of retro-inspired flowers soar over antique clocks and a China mirror in this bright and airy space. Two staircases, one on each part of a serving bar, go up a brick to the third story, a distinctive element of the basement level interior.

The Mama San best fine dining Bali is entirely air-conditioned, and the bottom level can accommodate up to 70 people at a time. The restaurant Bali serves lunchtime from 12 pm – 2 pm and supper from 6 pm – 11 pm. 

The restaurant is closed on Sundays. Reservations are suggested for lunch and required for dinner. At the same time, the pub and cuisine are open from 6.30 pm until late at night upstairs in the restaurant.

Mama San is located at the intersection of all major roads in Seminyak, including Eat Street, Sunset Road, and the main highway through the area. 

Those arriving by car may make use of valet parking. Please be advised that there really is no smoking restriction on the bottom floor dining table during dinner service. However, guests are allowed to smoke after 11 pm on the ground level.

After five o'clock, Mamasan has a dress code that is described as "smart casual." You do not come to Mamasan with bathing suits or flip flops that are too casual.

4. Jungle Fish Pool Club

A pool bar and open-air Bali restaurant, Jungle Fish Pool Club is Ubud's best known open-air dining destination. It combines Balinese beauty with Danish design elements. 

Resident and non-resident pool visitors may take advantage of the restaurant's Indonesian and international food choices. 

As well as its venue pool club area, where you can take a refreshing swim in the pool, play music, and have a drink and snacks while relaxing in the sun.

Fine Dining Bali - - 13 Best Fine Dining Bali You'll Want to try - Candi Fine Dining Bali - - 13 Best Fine Dining Bali You'll Want to try - Candi

Non-residents are allowed at no charge, and there is no need to spend a minimum amount.

5. Sardines : Fine Dining Restaurant Bali

Prepare to be awed by this exquisite addition to Bali's fine dining scene, which has just opened.

With a strikingly beautiful setting in a spreading bamboo building overlooking rice fields, Sardines is a welcoming spot for both drinks and dinner.

We are seated in a pleasant lounge area adjacent to a pond that is home to a family of extremely great white koi, which the chef promises us will not be served at your table. 

The cuisine consists primarily of fish and organic vegetables, with a few exceptions. The proprietors have taken a hint from the natives. They are now serving remarkably excellent arak drinks, which is no small accomplishment. 

Sardines, of course, are the house speciality on the daily-changing menu, which is updated with new dishes. Sardine uses veggies from its organic farm to prepare its seafood dishes, which are mainly composed of local fish. 

More than half of the Bali restaurant is devoted to a functioning paddy field, allowing guests to enjoy spectacular views of a rice field as they dine.

A significant wow factor distinguishes sardine, which has rapidly become a popular choice among foreign travellers.

6. Sundara

Sundara is the one of the best fine dining restaurant Bali and leisure destination located on the broad circle of Jimbaran Beach, Bali's luxury expanse of beach, in the heart of the island's cultural district. 

Sundara, the Sanskrit term for "beautiful," describes the rich vegetation, sparkling waves, and stunning sunset vistas seen at this beachside destination. 

The place is a sultry beach club by day and Bali's most exquisite fine dining restaurant Bali by nighttime. There are many opportunities to engage yourself in the trendy atmosphere and one-of-a-kind Bali setting sun experience that the resort provides.

Bali's Most Extensive Sunday Brunch

Lie down in a seaside cottage or burn calories by swimming laps inside the 57-metre beachfront pool, paddling in the Bay, or taking a walk along the beach. 

Sundara Sundowners Cookout, which runs every day from 5-7pm, is another incentive to remain after 5pm. The bartenders will be pretty busy during this time. 

The free Kids Club (which is offered for children aged 4 to 12) makes it the ideal family day out for everyone.

Fine Dining Bali - - 13 Best Fine Dining Bali You'll Want to try - Candi Fine Dining Bali - - 13 Best Fine Dining Bali You'll Want to try - Candi


Sundara's expert mixologists have created a liquid trip through the centuries, which is inspired by Indonesia's historical past. 

The ingredients that go into a glass have changed through time, from prehistoric times to the Trade Wars and ultimately independence. Each period has had an impact on the seasonings and fruits that may be used to give flavor, color and texture to a drink. 

Try the mansion 100 percent genuine arak and rice wine, which are still the popular libation in rural communities today. Cocktails inspired by the French, Dutch, Hispanic, and Japanese eras allow you to learn about the foreign liquors and flavors brought to the world by these four nations.


Last but certainly not least, enjoy a toast to Indonesian freedom, honoring the varied and dynamic country that it has become today with our collection of modern New World masterpieces.

7. Locavore Restaurant

Their chefs have a shared enthusiasm for creating modern European cuisine using high-quality, seasonal ingredients sourced from the region. This concept is already well-established in the western world. 

While it is still relatively new in Indonesia, in which most Bali restaurants depend on commercially produced ingredients, they are grateful to have been the first to bring high-end, local produce cuisine to Indonesian kitchens, as they have done in the past. 

A great lot has been accomplished in Locavore's first year. They aim to build on this success in the ability to begin to please our visitors and make significant progress in spreading this idea across the nation.

Moreover, five years ago, they began working together in Jakarta. They quickly discovered that using imported products as they were encircled by Indonesia's bounty was just not a good business decision. 

They see themselves as the intermediaries among small growers and discerning eaters who appreciate quality food.

Their ingredient-driven cuisine pays tribute to the farmers, fishermen, and craftsmen they've encountered along the way, and it's a real treat. 

The establishment of enduring connections with local farmers ensures that you get the freshest chemical-free seasonal food and meat from animals that have been humanely fed. 

In addition, through supporting local businesses and craftsmen, Locavore is recognized as a genuine part of the community it serves. A reservation is highly encouraged, and you'll be able to obtain a table about two to three weeks in advance.

8. Swept Away

The balcony of Swept Away is just a few steps away from the river's edge. It is the perfect environment for those who want to take it easy, relax, and unwind.

They've created a relaxing atmosphere with their comfy lounge furniture and the refreshing air from the river, which is ideal for enjoying a glass of champagne, a few cocktails, or an ice bucket.

The lunch menu is casual, light, and nutritious, consisting of a variety of salads, sandwiches, and locally sourced food.

In the late afternoons, a small nibbles menu, which might best be characterized as Asian Tapas, is available. This menu includes a variety of delectable morsels intended to tantalize the taste buds. 

It serves as a prelude to the fine dining experience that will take place later in the evening.

On Friday and Saturday nights, the cuisine is contemporary and diverse, with an experimental twist. 

However, although the mood remains calm and relaxing, the environment transforms into a unique and romantic playground, complete with luscious delicacies, excellent wines, and signature drinks.

Swept Away serves two dinner menus at nights, one of which is an a la carte menu and a degustation meal. 

Degustation menus consist of smaller samples of our trademark dishes; the only decision you have to make with that kind of menu is whether you want four or six courses, after which you can take the rest.

9. Kayuputi

A landmark best fine dining Bali establishment in Nusa Dua,  Kayuputi restaurant provides an unforgettable fine dining Bali restaurant experience, featuring exceptional Asian-influenced cuisine and a great wine selection in a breathtaking setting. 

Each day of the week, guests may enjoy a uniquely rich and delicious eight-course degustation meal coupled with a fantastic array of our sommelier's side selections in an intimate and elegant setting with beautiful beachside views of the Ocean.

World Class Cuisine

Kayuputi diner has a world-class gourmet staff that is inspired by high-quality ingredients and places a strong focus on accurate preparation that preserves the inherent richness of each dish. 

When Head Chef Agung Gede tackles the cuisine at Kayuputi, he approaches it with a modern presentation in mind, fusing Asian ingredients with traditional Western elements.

Using only the finest ingredients, the meals at Kayuputi have been meticulously created and developed by the outstanding Kayuputi team. 

In order to translate his thoughts and ideas into a dish of culinary art, Head Chef Agung Gede constantly displays his inspiration in the form of food drawings that represent his concepts and ideas. 

Kayuputi, under the direction of Senior Sous Cook Ketut Gunatika and under the supervision of Master Agung Gede, continues to amaze discriminating food enthusiasts from all over the globe and will remain to reign as Bali's best restaurant for years to come.

The Origin of Kayuputi

In Indonesian, the word Kayuputi translates as "white wood." A bright white interior and an exquisite background of the Ocean complete the design, which is absolutely contemporary in its simplicity and elegance. 

The gentle coastal air and unimpeded panoramic ocean vista that come with al fresco seats are a welcome addition. 

Guests may dine in secluded cabanas or on soft white cushions within the high-ceilinged restaurant, which has a two-story wine cellar and a large open kitchen, contributing to the atmosphere. 

The Kayuputi Wine Bar, a secluded hideaway with soft white couches, welcomes you with evening drinks before your dinner reservation. After dinner, guests may choose from an exquisite humidor of excellent cigars to accompany their meal.

10. Cafe Del Mar : Best Fine Dining Bali 

Cafe del Mar Bali Beach Club, which is located on the beautiful Canggu beach, provides the ideal Mediterranean lifestyle experience for guests. 

In a design by up-and-coming Indonesian company' Aboday,' the Canggu Beach Club is inspired by the method of Ibiza while using native Balinese materials and history, bringing visitors to the beaches of the Mediterranean and displaying the spectacular ocean vistas.

Cafe del Mar is a quality casual eating establishment located in the center of Canggu. 

A fine dining restaurant Bali experience influenced by the cultures of the Baltic sea coastline is offered to visitors at this elegant restaurant, with a particular emphasis on flavors from the southern Italian region as well as Spain, France, and other countries. 

Exquisite tapas, fresh fish and sushi, as well as delicious cooked foods from all over the Mediterranean area, are all made daily by their highly trained and experienced chefs.

Fine Dining Bali - -13 Best Fine Dining Bali You'll Want to try - Candi Fine Dining Bali - -13 Best Fine Dining Bali You'll Want to try - Candi

11. The Plantation Grill

In the spirit of the Roaring Twenties, Plantation Grill is decorated with granite finishes, a domed quintuple ceiling, and large glass windows overlooking the ocean. The Plantation is open for lunch and dinner daily. 

Patrons enter the facility via a magnificent spiral staircase, which takes them down to a luxury leather booth area on the first floor. 

Guests may enjoy dry-aged, specially sourced and imported meats and edge sustainable seafood prepared on custom-built coal and wood grills as well as wood-fired ovens at the restaurant. 

In addition to the main dining area, visitors may experience the Plantation main bar, which offers seats and a themed bar menu that includes items such as boiled lobster roll, mini steak, hand-cut fries, and hardwood grilled ranch fed burgers.

The SLING BAR, located at the top of the spiral staircase, is a small, intimate place inspired by The Great Gatsby and Ernest Hemingway. 

Guests may partake in prohibition-style drinks until the wee hours of the morning. There is also a hidden entrance that opens into a naughty hideout boudoir for that formal treat at Sling Bar & Grill.

 13. Koral Restaurant

Incorporating fresh and seasonal ingredients with the culinary expertise of award-winning Chef Andrea Astone, they are pleased to provide a diverse selection of artisan cuisine in the style of a special menu as well as a distinctive degustation menu to our customers.

Unlike any other, Koral offers a gastronomic experience, serving you contemporary food with a unique spin to it. 

This unique combination of skill, locally obtained quality ingredients and unexpected compositions has established us as a destination unlike any other on Bali fine dining.

Koral, the aquatic best fine dining Bali at The Apurva Kempinski, welcomes guests to a world of bistronomic pleasures under the waves. First and foremost, this unique location stimulates all of the sensibilities in an unprecedented way.

Visitors will enjoy exquisite meals influenced by Indonesian coastal flavors and created from locally sourced ingredients at Koral, which is both informal and polished in design. 

Beyond a restaurant, Koral provides a complete bistronomic experience, combining delicious eating, a laid-back ambience, and the elevated environment of an aquarium. All complemented by a piece of immersive music that portrays the wonder and mystery of life below the water's surface.

Restaurant Rules and Regulations

  • It is necessary to make a reservation in advance.
  • It is not possible to make specific seating requests.
  • Smart casual is the dress code for this event. There will be no sleeveless shirts, board shorts, or flip-flops allowed.
  • Tables will be kept for 15 minutes, after which time the booking will be cancelled if no communication has been made with the host or server.
  • The menu is available to change at any time without prior notice. For further information, please feel free to contact the business directly.
  • Because they want to preserve the privacy and convenience of other guests, picture-snapping is only permitted during visiting hours, which are during 10:00 and 15:00, and it is not allowed during dinner hours.
  • The children must be sitting at all times throughout the dinner service.
  • A credit card number guarantee is required for every reservation in order to obtain the reservation. Koral Restaurant has the right to check the credit card information prior to processing the reservation. 


These are the 13 best fine dining Bali you can find out there. Enjoy and have a good time!