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Labuan Bajo is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, which makes it a popular tourist destination. There are a lot of popular tourist sites in Labuan Bajo from which visitors may select.

Indonesia is well-known as a nation with a variety of cultural backgrounds and environmental assets to offer visitors. 

Given its geographical location as one of the tropics, Indonesia is endowed with abundant natural resources that may be used by the citizens of this nation.

On the other side, Indonesia is well-known for having geographical circumstances that are distinct from those of other nations, resulting in a level of variety that you cannot find in other countries. 

It is possible that the Indonesian people are not entirely aware of this.

Labuan Bajo is a tourist destination that attracts a large number of visitors, both local and international. 

Because of their beautiful nature that cannot be seen anywhere else, many international visitors are even more acquainted with the tourist attractions in this area than local travelers. 

Labuan Bajo is the administrative center of the West Manggarai Regency in the East Nusa Tenggara province.

Aside from being situated on the western point of Flores Island, Labuan Bajo also has a number of secret tourist sites that have just lately been found by visitors and are now being managed by the local authorities. 

Here are some of the most popular and beloved tourist sites that you should consider visiting in Labuan Bajo:

1. Komodo National Park’s forests

The islands of Komodo, which is house to a world-famous Komodo dragon, are the most popular destination for visitors searching for activities to do in Flores. 

To view the Komodo dragon, you would need to go on a tour of Komodo Island with another of the guide who will take you there. 

There are various of pre-planned treks to select from, ranging from short walks that take 25-30 mins to longer overnight trips that include camping on that island. 

On Komodo Island, early afternoon is the ideal time for visit because it is around this time that the giant Komodo dragon is most relaxed, and the young dragons are roaming about in search of food and water.

2. Padar Island

This Island is one of the most beautiful of the Komodo natural wonders. The lovely island is well-known for its cliff point of view, from which you can overlook the three shores that make up that area.

Labuan Bajo - 14 Best Spots to Visit at Labuan Bajo - Candi
Labuan Bajo – Candi

The ideal time to go is in the early morning hours to get a glimpse of the dawn. Remember that there are also Komodo in the place, and they like to hang out in the shadow of cactus and rocks. Thus, you need to be careful when you navigate through the cliffside. 

Padar island is the best location for you to get decent pictures. You obviously need to get up there with your best camera to take a shot for the stunning view. 

3. Diving at Manta Point

The place is among the most well-known diving destinations in the vicinity of Labuan Bajo. Manta Point is the location where you can see sea turtles and start a conversation with Manta.

Labuan Bajo - 14 Best Spots to Visit at Labuan Bajo - Candi
Labuan Bajo – Candi

But, in all seriousness, it is among the finest diving labuan bajo locations on the island of Komodo

The possible explanation for why Manta Point has become so famous is because of the nutrient-rich stream that runs through the shores, which draws enormous groups of Manta in great numbers. 

Divers who have previous expertise with drift diving are encouraged to try Manta Point to get the taste of your first diving Labuan Bajo adventure.

4. Take part in a liveaboard tour

Suppose you really are looking around for some activities within Labuan Bajo, I would suggest taking a liveaboard ferry ride across the Komodo archipelago. 

Depending on financial situation and personal preferences, you may choose from a variety of alternatives. 

In the event that you are just in Labuan Bajo within quite a limited period, I would suggest a three-day, two-night boat excursion. 

This will offer you the opportunity to see Komodo Island, bathe at Pink Beach, climb on Padar Island, as well as many more attractions. 

There are many liveaboard options available to suit a variety of budgets. On vacation at Labuan Bajo, it is possible to reserve a cabin aboard a boat.

5. Opt for a resort with a scenic panorama

One of your favorite things in Labuan Bajo was indeed the sight you get from the port at dawn and sunset. 

Observing the hues of the water transform from orange to crimson and violet (or other way around) is a breathtaking experience. 

In order to have the best view possible while visiting Labuan Bajo, kindly reserve a hotel Labuan Bajo on a hill with an incredible view

You can find a number of excellent options from which to select. Sunset Hill Hotel and Golo Hilltop are just a few of the recommended accommodations.

6. Snorkeling only at Pink Beach in Komodo National Park

Located in Indonesia’s Komodo National Park, Komodo Island is the biggest of the 28 inhabited islands. The shoreline offers a variety of activities. 

After viewing the Komodo dragon, most Komodo trips continue with Pink Beach, a popular swimming spot.

Labuan Bajo _ 14 Best Spots to Visit at Labuan Bajo _Candi
Labuan Bajo – Candi


Those brilliantly colored coral grains that make Pink Beach unique color give the beach its name: the red flakes of sand formed from the sand of brightly colored coral that provide Pink Beach its own distinctive color. 

Additionally, you may go diving Labuan Bajo through the marine life situated close offshore while shooting pictures of the beach. The waters are clear and inviting for swimming and exploring, but keep an eye out for offshore solid currents.

7. Amelia Sea View point

Located just outside of Labuan Bajo, Amelia Sea View is a well-known sight. The peak provides a panoramic view of a bay on the other end of Labuan Bajo. 

On this section of the island, there are no new hotel projects as of yet. There will be breathtaking vistas of lush greenery grassland with coconut palms as a result of this. 

For dawn watchers in Labuan Bajo, it’s a lovely environment and a pleasant activity to partake in. Sylvia Resort is a hotel Labuan Bajo that has just opened at this location. This hotel is about 5 to 10 minutes’ walk from Amelia Sea View.

8. Get up and personal with the Komodo dragons of Rinca

The first location you may visit is Rinca, which is located in the Caribbean Sea. The Komodo Islands, one of the major islands situated near Labuan Bajo, is particularly well-known for its natural beauty. 

This is the case with one of the inhabited islands located near Labuan Bajo. 

That island does have the highest point, which is a mountain with an elevation of 670 feet above sea level, which means that when you come here, you would be able to enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding area from a great height.

Aside from Komodo, this island is home to a variety of other species, including buffalo, birds, and wild pigs. 

So, for those of you who are interested in visiting Rinca Island, both those who come in the morning and those who come in the afternoon are welcome. However, it will be particularly susceptible in the midafternoon and at night. 

Visitors to Rinca Island will be able to participate in environmental protection activities such as planting mangroves and seeing other natural sites while on the island.

Rinca Island is really the most fabulous location to view Komodo dragons since it is the closest to the mainland. If you wish to view the Komodo Dragon, you may take a walk circling the island, which is similar to Komodo

Because the island is much smaller than Komodo Island, the treks are much quicker than on the other Islands. When taking a walk around Rinca, there is a tiny possibility of seeing a Komodo Dragon. 

Still, you are virtually guaranteed to encounter the dragons near the station. The Komodo congregate in small groups near the kitchen area to eat.

9. Relax with a beer in the Bar.

This laid-back reggae bar has stunning views of Labuan Bajo Beach and the surrounding ocean. It is the perfect place to unwind after a long day at the beach. At sunset, the pub becomes crowded with visitors. 

At night, a band performs cover versions of popular songs. A good mix of residents and visitors was present when I went, contributing to the establishment’s welcoming vibe. 

Food in the pub isn’t very noteworthy, so I suggest grabbing something to eat at the shop before your visit; nevertheless, their beer is fantastic.

10. Take a Komodo Island Motor Boat Tour.

Suppose you just have a limited duration in the place but want to enjoy it as much as possible while you visit. In that case, you may rent a motorboat in the place to get about. 

The price of a motorboat with gasoline begins at about IDR 11.000.000 per day, which is quite a significant amount of money. 

On a motorboat tour at Komodo island, you may stop at up to four different locations. For example, you may see the dawn from Padar, visit Rinca to see the Komodo dragon, go snorkeling at Beach, and take part in diving labuan bajo at Manta island, among other things.

11. Batu Cermin cave

This cave is just one of those tourist sites in the place, which is near the city, making it a popular choice among locals. In the middle of a natural cliff, between two high cliffs, lie the caves. 

Batu Cermin caverns, which translate as rock mirrors, are the location’s main attraction. Because of gemstones in the stone that mirror the sunshine, the caverns have earned the moniker “crystal caves.” 

In the mornings between 9 and 10 o’clock, when the daylight streams across a hole throughout the rock, the caverns are illuminated by the sun, making for an excellent time to explore.

12. Rangko Cave

The Cave has been among my favorite locations to visit while I was in the vicinity of Labuan Bajo. This cavern is contained with crystal-clear water, and it is feasible to go bathing in it.

At about lunchtime, the sunbeams straight into the cavern, illuminating it and shining off the clear water in its reflection. For the cavern, you must travel one hour via Labuan Bajo into the tiny hamlet, which is about an hour and a half away. 

A secluded beach is 10 minutes away by boat from the town, and then it’s a six-minute walk upward to reach the cave from there. 

With a light in my hand, I spent an hour going around the cavern when I went there. It is a fascinating location to discover and learn about.

13. Cunca Rami Waterfalls

Cunca Rami Falls is a one day excursion from Labuan Bajo and can be reached by vehicle in about an hour. The Cunca Rami Falls is situated in a remote valley and is accessible only by boat.

It is necessary to go through a small hairpin road and hilly roads in order to reach the closest hamlet to the waterfalls. You must walk for 40 mins along the banks of a shallow stream to access Cunca Rami after you have arrived at the hamlet. 

It’s well worth the effort to get here. If you have your swimming gear, you can really go for a dip in the place just at the foot of the waterfalls. Remember it is wise to hire a man from the town for the last walk if you want to avoid getting lost.

14. Kanawa Island

This island is a popular tourist destination. A lovely location with thatched cottages to sleep in, coral habitat near the shore, and a driftwood pier extending out and into the sea completes the picture perfectly. 

When I visited Kanawa for the first moment, I fell in love with the place. However, Kanawa has gone downhill and has urgent need of capital investment to revive itself. 


Vacation Labuan Bajo

A trip to Labuan Bajo is a vacation you need to get away from your busy life for a while. The stunning view of Labuan Bajo would definitely replenish you with the energy of nature!


What are the recommended tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo?
Komodo National Park’s forests, Padar Island, Diving at Manta Point, Take part in a Liveaboard Tour.

Where are the best photo spots in Labuan Bajo?
Pink Beach in Komodo National Park,  Amelia Sea View point, Batu Cermin cave, Padar

How was the view at Padar Island?
This Island is one of the most beautiful of the Komodo natural wonders. The lovely island is well-known

for its cliff point of view, from which you can overlook the three shores that make up that area. The ideal

time to go is in the early morning hours to get a glimpse of the dawn.

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