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Sunset viewing from the beach coastline on Bali island is well-known, and this is usually the case. Learn here how to get the perfect Bali Sunset!

Sunset viewing from the beach coastline on Bali island is well-known, and this is usually the case. Where in Bali can you get a glimpse of the best sunset Bali? That is the question of today. 

Consequently, please keep reading this post since you will discover a list of the top ten finest beaches in Bali to view the sunset Bali.

When it comes to Bali for a tourist destination, the beach, particularly those with white sand, are among the most attractive features. 

Many tourists have said that if you are on vacation on Bali island and do not go to Kuta Beach Bali, you are not really experiencing a holiday in Bali. It has a valid point, as you would have seen that Kuta Bali is indeed very packed with visitors on a daily basis.

Bali, A Popular Sunset Destination 

Several areas of interest have contributed to Bali being a popular tourist destination:

  • Many hotels, villas, and bungalows are situated near the beaches and are easily accessible by foot.
  • It is simple to find a spot to eat or to spend a few hours hanging out.
  • You can pick and choose among the finest places in Bali to get a glimpse of the setting sun.

As a result, the question is now! Are you searching for a great way to chase a sunset aesthetic in Bali? Which is considered to be the finest beach in Bali to watch the sunset? 

Then you’ve come to the correct place! Moreover, the islands offer a plethora of beaches where you may enjoy the Bali sunset beauty, which you can meticulously document! 

You can actually opt for up to 38 beaches on Bali, and it does not even include the beaches that you could also find in Lembongan or Nusa Penida, which are also quite popular tourist destinations.

1. Jemeluk Viewpoint, Amed

The famous Jemeluk Viewpoint, which overlooks the beautiful coastline of Amed in East Bali, is a must-see destination. The area is situated slightly above the bay on the southern highlands.

It is possible to see northwards across the curving shoreline, where traditional Balinese caster wheels of local fisherman are neatly placed in tidy rows, from this grassy mountain top.

The beautiful and tranquil blue seas off the coast are often studded with cruise ships, liveaboards, and diving tour boats, which add to the beauty of the area. 

sunset- 7 Most Beautiful sunset view in Bali - Candi
sunset- 7 Most Beautiful sunset view in Bali – Candi

The whole scene is framed by the shape of Bali’s tallest peak, Mount Agung, which looms majestically in the distance.

Amed Beach is referred to as Jemeluk by the locals, who named it after the neighboring town. Despite the fact that it is a part of the larger coastal region of Amed, it ultimately became recognized worldwide by its local name. 

The views of the sunsets from Jemeluk Viewpoint may be just as spectacular as the views of the dawn.

Small covered spots and several gazebos are also available at Jemeluk Viewpoint, where you may have a relaxing nap or a quick lunch before continuing on your tour of the East Bali district on the road. 

It takes 500 metres to reach the hilltop from Amed Beach’s main bay area, which is accessible by a short drive.

2. Tegal Wangi Beach

Tegal Wangi beach offers a distinctive perspective that is different from other shores in Bali, with towering cliffs and lush greenery all around it, it seems to be a beach fantasy world. Travelers that come to this coastline will be greeted with waves that are filled with crystal-clear water.

If you arrive in the evening, the very first thing you will notice is the breathtaking beauty of the Bali sunset on Tegal wangi Beach, which is located in the center of the ocean. Yes, this shore is widely after because of the stunning splendor of the sunsets here. 

To get to the beach, you must descend a cliff, although it is not a very steep one. No decent route exists, and the only thing that remains are the remnants of the stones that we may use as a path to reach the shore.

The shore with white sand will be breathtakingly beautiful until you get to the end of the road. The large waves and spectacular sunsets end up making you fit in perfectly on this beach. 

The Ayana rock bar (the most popular location in Jimbaran to watch the sunset Bali) and the Balangan beach may both be seen from a great distance if you gaze westward along the coastline. Unless you don’t  want to go to the ayana rock bar, this is an alternative location to consider.

This sunset bali is notable for the presence of a unique Tegal Wangi natural Jacuzzi, which was created by the tides and transformed into a tiny pool that you may use to bathe in while enjoying the best sunset Bali. Feel free to enjoy the ocean and sunset Bali while on vacation.

Tegal Wangi beach is extremely popular with tourists from East Asia, including Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. They often use the beach as a wedding venue which makes it a popular destination for visitors. 

The effects of Bali sunset pictures taken in the backdrop are excellent, and many wedding photos are shown in fashion magazines.

When the sun goes down, the scenery here becomes even more beautiful. In the southeast section of the Tegal Wangi, you will see rows of lights from the north. 

You would also see the magnificence of Jimbaran bay, which is famous for its seafood and has lights opening the seaside. 

sunset- -7 Most Beautiful sunset view in Bali - Candi
sunset-×703.jpg -7 Most Beautiful sunset view in Bali – Candi

You will also be able to watch aircraft landing and taking off from Ngurah Rai International Airport, which is easily accessible from the sunset beach.

3. Karang Boma Cliff, Uluwatu

Suppose you were to ask anybody what their favorite memories from their vacation to Bali are. In that case, it is almost sure that a beautiful Balinese sunset aesthetic would be at the top of their list. 

If breathtaking sunrises really aren’t your thing, then spectacular sunsets Bali are simply just one of several things that the island does very well. Pink sky, pounding waves, and breathtaking landscape all combine to create a formula for success in the outdoors. 

This section is mostly about the Karang Boma perspective, which is often considered the most beautiful Bali sunset location in Uluwatu.

This location is the ideal way to cap off your perfect day here in Uluwatu, or even when you’re just travelling by, it is a beautiful site to finish a whole day in heaven if you are so inclined.

In comparison to the famous southern areas of Bali, Karang Boma Point is about 35 kilometres away, making it a long journey from Canggu. 

Together and apart, the sundown view and the natural beauty that can be found there well deserve the hour-long journey this would take to arrive at the location in question.

If you don’t want to make the long journey home late at night, there are a variety of lodging choices in the surrounding region where you may stay the night if you so want.

The cliffside location of Karang Boma point is well suited for viewing the best sunset Bali. It’s a gradual incline from the entry all the way back down to the side of a cliff, where everything flattens out for about 10m before dropping off into the water. 

This made it a perfect location for a sunset Bali cookout with a view, where you may spread a blanket and relax.

The famous Karang Boma cliff picture location has a rocky outcrop that extends impressively over the sea. This is really a safer environment than it seems since there is a significant amount of space between you and the fall to your side and front of you.

The Bali sunset location is very calm, considering how lovely the site is.  There were fewer than 20 attendees. The mood was highly relaxed and unhurried, so there was no tension or hurrying to obtain that perfect picture. 

Usually, an enormous number of residents put up camps for a night beneath the stars, demonstrating how popular this area would be with them.

4. Pigstone Beach, Bali

Pig Stone Beach in Bali is about a 20-minute trip northwest of Canggu, depending on traffic conditions and other factors.

As you make your way to Pantai Pig Stone, you will pass through magnificent rice fields, historic sites and tiny temples, giving you a flavor of the genuine Bali and also what Canggu had to be for us even before the massive invasion of tourists and construction.

The most convenient method to get over to Pig Stone would be to hire a motorcycle in Canggu and travel the short distance northward to this fantastic site on a bike.

Do you lack confidence when it comes to riding a scooter? Another excellent alternative for travelling about Bali is to rent a private vehicle and driver that day and take advantage of all the region has to offer.

Pig Stone is a remote black sandy beach that is completely undeveloped and undisturbed. Next to the palm tree cliff at Pig Stone Beach Bali, an isolated left-hand surf break is best ridden during a mid-to-high tide.

To those of you who like riding motorcycles as much as John do, Pig Stone is an excellent place to park your bike on the sand dunes and explore the shoreline at your leisure.

This site is a popular spot for motorbike sessions, especially around sunset Bali. You are unlikely to get into a difficult situation with the locals. 

You are also unlikely to be the first, smoldering around Pig Stone because this venue is an excellent attraction for motorbike sessions, especially during the Bali sunset.

Don’t forget! You must come prepared since there are no nearby warungs where you may get food or drink. 

The palm tree hillside is a fantastic location for a lunch meal or an evening Bali sunset drink, and it’s the ideal reason to get your friends together and enjoy the most of it!

This beach does not charge admission or parking costs, which is in contrast to other of the much more famous spots in Canggu, which charge parking and entrance fees.

You should always make sure to take your trash with you when you go to Pig Stone if you are bringing food, water, or beer. You should also leave the area cleaner than when you arrived.

Plastic waste is among the most severe issues facing Bali as a whole, and the last thing you need is for tourists to contribute to the subject by littering the island’s beaches and rivers.

As a result of the absence of cover, it may get sweltering during the heat of the day, particularly on the volcanic sand. If you intend to spend the whole day here, be sure to carry sunscreen with you.

5. Balangan Beach, Uluwatu

Balangan Beach is by far the most gorgeous sunset beach in Bali, yet it is the one that receives the least amount of tourist traffic. 

Under the title “The Best Beach 2016 Choice Traveller,” one of the world’s most prominent traveller online communities, Tripadvisor, named this beach as the second most beautiful sunset beach in Indonesia in 2016, following Gili Meno in Lombok.

Along with lonely beaches, beautiful sands, and clean waters, Balangan Beach also has large waves ideal for water activities like surfing. 

Balangan is a romantic vacation sunset beach destination for you and your spouse because of the brightness of the soft sand, the lengthy coastline, and several cafés along the beach that provide a calm environment.

It is also adorable and thrilling to walk around Balangan. Balangan Beach is distinguished by a large number of palm trees that are well adorned and have already been placed behind a cliff, making it a pleasant and peaceful retreat that is rare to find on other Bali shores.

At the northwest corner of Balangan Uluwatu beach, there is a little hill with a view of the sea that you should visit before going down to the sunset beach. 

From here, we can see the gorgeous beaches of the area above; the location is not significant, but the magnificent perspective from here attracts a large number of visitors who come to snap photographs. 

Tourists, Chinese, and Taiwanese make this a popular location for pre-wedding pictures. Balangan Beach is also home to a temple, which is located just by the water.

As you look down on the beach from above, you’ll see Tegal Wangi and that the Ayana rocky bar is renowned for being a great location to rest. 

The entrance fee to Balangan Shoreline is IDR 5.000 per vehicle. Additionally, there are a few Balangan Beach Restaurants located along the shoreline. 

This sunset beach also offers Balangan Accommodation, which has a beautiful view from the top of the homestay, as well as Balangan Beach Resort, if you wish to take a break at the beach.

sunset- -7 Most Beautiful sunset view in Bali - Candi
sunset- -7 Most Beautiful sunset view in Bali – Candi

The ideal time to go to this location is between the hours of 14:00 and 17:00 P.M. when the sun should not be too hot, and the sunset beach in Bali is the most spectacular. 

You will be able to enjoy the splendor of the sun as well as the surfers who have gathered in the heart of the beach to enjoy the waves. This sunset beach is extremely safe for people of all ages because of the calm seas on the shore. 

The centre beach has excellent surges for surfers because of the broad breakers and high tides that are ideal for playing board waves at Balangan Beach Surf. While on vacation in Bali, bide your time to explore this beautiful sunset beach beach.

6. Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple, which dates back centuries, is located at the end of the world to protect visitors from harmful spirits.

The sea temple’s tiered form, which is made of black coral rock, stands out dramatically against its precarious position and produces the most beautiful silhouette at Bali sunset.

It is possible to enter the old Hindu temple via an archway adorned with sculptures of the Hinduism elephant god Ganesha, which leads to the main hall.

A monument of the founder priest, Dwijendra, stands behind the main pagoda. A shrine in the form of the boat he came in is located behind the main pagoda.

However, despite its antiquity, the temple contains well-preserved stone sculptures. It has undergone numerous repairs in order to maintain its history as well as its unique setting.

Only Hindu worshipers are permitted access to the storage temple, and you will be expected to dress in a respectable manner when you pay a visit. The presence of animals in Uluwatu Temple is yet another unique feature of the temple.

The temple’s grounds are home to a colony of naughty monkeys, and there are plenty of warning signs to make sure your valuables are kept secure and away from the primate’s grasp.

However, perspective is the most essential aspect of this site. The finest places to see the sunset are two points of interest to the northern and southern of the temple, respectively.

Excellent and rapid waves characterize Uluwatu Beach, which is situated deep inside the cliff bank and is considered one of the finest surf spots on the islands of paradise. Uluwatu Beach is positioned deep within the cliff bank.

The waves are huge, fast, strong, and barreling. They push every surfer to utilize their best skills in order to fully enjoy their surfing experiences in this location.

It is one of the most famous surf spots for professional surfers to perform their surfing style on waves. As a result, it is often frequented by surfers from all over the world, as well as by local surfers.

Since the early 1970s, Uluwatu Shore has been attracting increasing numbers of visitors and surfers to its shores.

7. Sunset Beach Clubs, Seminyak

There are many sunset beach in Bali where you may enjoy an excellent, unobstructed view of the spectacular sunset Bali. 

Still, sunset beach Seminyak may be one of the finest towns in which to take in the entire experience. In such a case, how do you select the most acceptable spot in Seminyak to watch the Bali sunset?

To be honest, any sight of the Seminyak sundown is a stirring spectacle. Still, there are some excellent locations for soaking in the vibrant colors of the day’s conclusion as the sun begins to drop over the horizon. 

This list contains the most renowned and finest places for you to visit throughout your stay in order to cross them off your to-do list.

sunset- - 7 Most Beautiful sunset view in Bali - Candi
sunset- – 7 Most Beautiful sunset view in Bali – Candi

The La Laguna

On your vacation to Seminyak, this pub, which is located directly by the water along the coastline between Canggu and Seminyak, is a beautiful location to see the Bali sunset. 

You may either have a drink and relax in the restaurant for a moderate sunset Bali view, or you can bring something comfy to sit on for a great position on the beach. La Laguna even has a selection of gipsy caravans available for rent.


This rooftop includes a fascinating aquarium with sharks along the side, fire pits, and friendly hotel employees who will assist you. At the same time, you take in the sunset aesthetic and the ocean view. 

Buy a drink first at a hotel bar and take in the scenery while you’re at it. And also, don’t forget to go downstairs to the Plantation Restaurant in the beautiful hotel for a drink from the bar before heading back upstairs.

 La Plancha

The vibrant colors, festivities, and the opportunity to relax in a comfortable beach chair straight on the sand’s beachfront near the La Plancha pub as the sunsets beach are all highlights of this event! 

Get a drink or take a break from your troubles as you soak in the breathtaking scenery around you.

Conclusion Sunset Bali

The Island of the Gods Bali offers a variety of recreational areas with beautiful and exciting natural panoramas that can be enjoyed. 

This island surrounded by the sea provides an opportunity for you to witness the combination of the beauty of the wild sea scenery, complete with natural panoramas of Bali sunset and sunrise.

There are many famous sunset Bali or sunset attractions on the island of the Gods, Bali, which presents beautifully. These natural recreation areas are also tourist destinations in scheduling tour events when travelling with family, children, and friends.


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