Here's how to hire the cheapest motorbike rental Bali, as well as some pointers on hiring those relatively tiny and manoeuvrable scooters that are ubiquitous across Southeast Asia and that rule the roads throughout the island. 

Hiring a vehicle in The Island of God and driving it yourself may be one of the most convenient methods to explore its numerous isolated locations. 

Riding a motorbike in Bali makes navigation much more straightforward since they allow you to reach regions inaccessible by other transportation modes.

Motorbikes are a godsend for enthusiastic surfers and those who are in search of new experiences and adventures. 

You may book rentals for the entire length of your trip for a lower cost of hiring a vehicle with a driver that would otherwise be required. 

When borrowing a scooter or motorcycle touring to Bali, several important legal and safety considerations are to be kept in mind. Here's what you need to know before embarking on your 2-wheeled journey.

Finding The Cheapest Rental with Affordable Price

The majority of Bali motorbike rental are from the scooter and underbone kind, with Hondas and Yamahas accounting for the bulk of the fleet. 

Honda's user-friendly products with mechanical gears, such as the Vario,  and Scoopy scooters, are by far the most popular types on the market. 

Because the majority of them have 110 to 125cc engines, they are lightweight and straightforward to handle, which makes them particularly useful in heavy traffic.

Several Bali motorbike rental booths operated and managed by locals may be found in the prominent beach resort regions of Kuta and Jimbaran, as well as in the more rural yet fascinating locations such as Candidasa. 

Take note of any parked motorcycles with signs affixed to their licence plates or handlebars that say "Motorbikes for Rent" or "Car and Bali Motorbike Rental," since the majority of these locations provide both services.

You have a variety of options, ranging from everyday bike rental Bali to rentals with a predetermined return date and time, as well as a convenient meeting set off at your accommodation. 

Bali Motorbike rentals  are generally available via the concierge at most hotels, or you may go into a warung (small roadside café) that offers bike rentals and ask for one as they usually offer the cheapest motorbike for rent.

Is it necessary to have an international motorcycle license in order to ride a motorcycle in Bali?

If you want to ride a motorcycle in Bali, you must have an international motorcyclists' license. A rent motorbike Bali business can generally assist you to do this if you have not previously done so in your home country. However, there may be a cost involved.

Register for a temporary visitors' motorcycle license (with a limited validity period) at the Poltabes (local police station) in Denpasar. 

A cost of about IDR 300,000 will be required in addition to your passport and photocopies of it, as well as your KITAS permission.

There is no more brilliant method than on a bicycle in terms of experiencing the isle with a fantastic feeling of freedom and contentment. 

A simple file could save you a lot of wasted time with the traffic cops, who've already succeeded in getting into the routine of halting outsiders on bikes since they're sure to be able to accumulate fines.

Is insurance included with Bali motorcycle rental packages?

Because most motorcycle Bali Motorbike rental are tiny and locally owned and operated, don't expect to get many additional benefits in addition to your bike rental. 

However, pioneering foreign bike rentals have popped up, such as Bali Motorbike Rental, which saw a need and provides premium insurance choices when customers reserve their bikes.

Although driving in Bali is very dangerous, it is a good thing that you are protected and may have a completely trouble-free vacation experience in the event of an accident. 

In such circumstances, it is also advisable to get personal travel insurance.

The cost of renting a motorcycle in Bali varies depending on the season.

In excellent condition, local renters may hire out their Honda Varios for IDR 70,000 up to IDR 150,000 per day, with reduced rates available for low-powered motorcycles like the Scoopy versions. 

Bali Motorbike Rental ensures that all of their bikes are brand new since they dispose of those that have exceeded a specific mileage threshold. 

Daily rent for motorbike Bali begins at IDR 70,000. But, you can also get discounts if you want to rent them weekly or monthly.

Checking out the Vehicle

Examine your motorcycle for any apparent damage, such as scratches, and make sure the owner is aware of it. 

Avoid falling prey to a scam in which you are held responsible for small losses. Consider taking photographs as evidence if necessary.

Make yourself familiar with the bike's controls and how it works. Examine the bike's overall safety, including its effective brakes, quick throttle, operable headlight switches, and so on. 

Make sure they're all turned on, including the engine's revs. It should be noted that most rental motorcycles have automatic gears, which are known as matic, and that the front and rear brakes are operated by handle levers.

 It's preferable to use them simultaneously or to use the rear brake before applying the front brake, rather than separately. Purchase suitable headgear with a comfortable band.

Suggestions and recommendations

Always be sure to safeguard yourself with safety and appropriate gear. Riding a motorbike provides a liberating, wind-in-your-hair feeling. Still, you should never do it without a helmet or when wearing a shirt. 

Aside from the obvious safety issues, these behaviors deliberately attract police stops and disdain from the riding community in general.


When it comes to motorbike riding in Bali, the phrase "do as the locals do" does not apply entirely. 

They often accelerate or weave through congested traffic without utilizing their turn signals, speed past red lights, and the concept of "giving way" seems to be non-existent. 

Follow the road and behave safely and responsibly on all occasions for your own protection.

Riding with a GPS or a GPS-enabled smartphone may be very beneficial while travelling on Bali's roads. 

A flat tire may be repaired for about IDR 15,000. Ask the locals for assistance or instructions to the closest curbside repair shop (several in metropolitan and satellite regions) to have it repaired for about IDR 15,000.

While driving, be sure to check the fuel tanks often. Automatic gear scooters have a tendency to deplete their batteries more quickly than manual gear scooters. 

The majority of models feature fuel tanks that contain about 4 liters, with the gasoline type being sold in Indonesia under the names Pertalite or Premium depending on its octane level. 

Petrol stations controlled by the state (SPBU Pertamina) may be found almost everywhere.

The Cheapest Bali Motorbike Rental Price Honda Vario 125cc (125cc Vario)

The current market value of a vehicle in excellent condition The Honda Vario earns between IDR 70,000 each day or more. 

Motorbike Rental Bali - The Cheapest Bali Motorbike Rental 2021 - Candi


I won't bore you with the details of monthly pricing since you're here on vacation, but renting a motorbike for a week does entitle you to a discount.

Honda Vario is perhaps the most popular scooter for Bali Motorbike Rental and across Indonesia. It is also the most affordable in terms of Bali Motorbike Rental

You can reasonably travel any place with one since it's a true workhorse. 

The most challenging issue you will encounter when you rent a motorbike Bali is losing your license plate and being unable to locate it amid the dozens of others


placed at the beaches, marketplaces, nightclubs, and cafés in which you are travelling.

These rent motorbike Bali are capable of transporting a pillion passenger with ease, particularly on flat terrain, which accounts for the vast majority of the terrain you will encounter. 

They are also suitable for day trips to Ubud or farther away. Still, if you want to go more than 100km round-trip, I would strongly advise you to invest in a Nmax 155cc or more extensively.

To give you an idea of the distance, a trip from Seminyak to Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, over to the sights in Ubud, and returning to Seminyak is about 120 kilometres. And believe me when I say that riding a 125cc scooter for the whole day is exhausting.

A Vario would do just fine for travelling to Bali; and for novices and expert riders alike, this isn't about the bike. It's about seeing the sites. 

It is unnecessary to go more than 60 kph, but most people find this to be sufficient speed while travelling to Bali and riding a scooter.

Honda Varios are tiny, lightweight motorcycles that can be ridden by almost anybody. They include under-seat storage space large enough to hold one helmet or a modest amount of shopping

How much should you expect to spend for a Honda Vario rental:

  • for daily usage of  IDR 70,000.
  • Weekly Base pay: IDR 400,000.

Honda Scoopy 110cc (110cc Scooter)

For ladies and men with a weight of just under 90kg, Honda Scoopy is indeed a fantastic option.

Motorbike Rental Bali - The Cheapest Bali Motorbike Rental 2021 - Candi


With just a 110cc engine, they are surprisingly simple to operate and very durable despite their appearance. 

They are ideal for travelling about Bali. I've taken visitors on Scoopy scooter excursions from Kuta to Ubud and returned without a hitch in the past.

In Bali, Honda Scoopy is often regarded as the most reliable workhorse available.

It's simple to ride, dependable, and has a lot of storage space beneath the seat. When it comes to renting motorcycles for friends, family, and visitors for short excursions near to home, this is the company I choose.

A cumulative weight of under 150kgs may be carried on level streets, but anticipate struggling to climb up an incline if you have more than 100kgs in your possession. 

On many occasions, I've seen two enormous individuals riding a Scoopy, which is neither safe nor attractive. 

If you're going to be riding with a passenger regularly, consider upgrading to a larger motorcycle such as Yamaha Nmax since the price difference is minimal.

You may rent a Honda Scoopy in excellent condition for IDR 70,000 per day. Don't spend more than necessary, and don't rent anything that is too old.

How much should you expect to spend for a Honda Scoopy rental

  • Daily: IDR 70,000
  • Weekly: IDR 400,000
  • Monthly: IDR 900,000

Yamaha Nmax 155cc: four-stroke motorcycle

Suppose you are an avid cyclist who is comfortable with a somewhat larger motorbike. In that case, Yamaha Nmax is one great option for getting about Bali on a budget. 

The bike is tiny compared to a step-thru scooter. Still, it has a bigger chassis, genuine motorcycle rims and tires, and enough horsepower to easily transport a passenger. 

These are excellent for long trips of more than 100 kilometres. These may be rented in good condition for IDR100-150k per day, depending on the model.

How much should you expect to spend to rent a Yamaha Nmax:

  • IDR 150,000 per day (per person).
  • IDR 900,000 per week (per person).
  • IDR 1,500,000 per month (per person)

Yamaha Aerox 155cc (155cc)

The Yamaha Aerox is a new motorcycle that has only been available in Indonesia for the last three years.

Motorbike Rental Bali - The Cheapest Bali Motorbike Rental 2021 - Candi


This bike has a chassis and suspension that is quite similar to the Nmax. However, it has somewhat more speed out of the 155cc engine as well as significantly better handling.

The standard versions provide a smooth and pleasant ride for the regular commuter.

Since the Aerox is already in its fourth year of manufacturing, there's more of them available to rent motorbike Bali than in prior years. 

I own many scooters, which I use daily, both for getting about town and for longer excursions with a load of gear and a passenger.

How much should you expect to spend to rent a Yamaha Aerox:

  • IDR 150,000 per day (per person).
  • IDR 900,000 per week (per person).
  • IDR 1,500,000 per month (per person)

Renting Motorbike with Insurance


A full container of gas, headgear, roadside assistance, and insurance are all included if you rent a motorcycle with the option of insurance and are prepared to pay a little more than you would on the streets. 

There are many reasonably sized scooter rent motorbike Bali stores that charge more but also include anything from a tank of gasoline, helmets, breakdown cover, and insurance.

Bikago is one of the larger operators in the region. They're more than twice as expensive as renting locally but they include all of the amenities listed above, as well as insurance.

How much should you expect to spend for a Honda Scoopy or Vario rental with insurance:

  • Daily: IDR 140,000
  • Weekly: IDR 900,000
  • Monthly: IDR 2,400,000

3 Safety Tips for Touring to Bali with Rented Motorbike

If you're considering hiring a motorbike in Bali, you should read the following information. 

While the images of attractive individuals riding down the coast with the breeze in their hair are a lovely idea, the reality may be a bit more complicated. 

Visitors to Bali are often seen getting off their Bali motorbike rental scooters. Understanding how to prevent mishaps and where to go if you get an accident is essential before snatching the handles and speeding off into the twilight.

1. Avoid renting motorbike for the first time learner

If you've never driven a scooter or motorbike before, Bali is a terrible place to learn how to do so. Thus, if you are a first time learner please avoid renting a motorbike even if it means you need to add more to your touring budget to Bali.

Although the carefree atmosphere may be favorable to a desire for the freedom and thrill that comes with learning to ride, you would be negligent if you did not state that this is a feeble idea.

It's a terrible situation. Although you have been riding bikes for most of your life, you would consider the road conditions within the area to be challenging when You first arrived.

Training to bike in Bali is a huge mistake unless you have a lot of space, a good training field, and an experienced instructor.

Instead of disregarding this wise advice, locate a pleasant, quiet location to train for about 4 hours before going onto the highways and putting yourself and others at immediate risk of death or serious bodily injury or death.

The most challenging aspect of learning how to drive a motorbike in Denpasar is that it appears to be much too simple. 

But this may lead to a false feeling of self-assurance in your skills. There's nothing more hazardous than those on the highway when your assurance much outweighs your capability.

In order to reduce this danger, the best recommendation is that you start riding a motorbike before you go to Bali. 

A few hours spent in an empty lot, or even renting a friend's motorbike, will make a big difference in terms of not "learning on the job" once you get on the island of Bali and begin your Bali vacation.

You will experience sensory overload while driving on Bali's roads — the landscapes, scent, noise, dense traffic, and visual overwhelm can all contribute to diverting your mind off of things at hand.

2. Drunk driving might cost you a lot.


Alcohol, it goes without saying, lowers inhibitions and reduces the perception of repercussions and danger in a situation. Getting drunk while riding a motorcycle is, to say it politely, a frequent event in Bali, to put it mildly. 

When you drink and ride (and I'm not claiming to be a saint), it's all too easy to overlook that the repercussions of doing so aren't only being fined by the police.

The most severe danger you need to be concerned about is serious harm to yourself or others.

This gentleman is a skilled scooter rider. You may not be a skilled motocross rider. As a result, please do not try to rank up your motorbike game when you're on vacation in Bali.

In Bali, getting off a Bali motorbike rental scooter is no laughing matter. A hospital visit will be the last place you need to spoil what should have been a wonderful vacation

However, the possibility of causing damage to someone else's bike, vehicle, or other property may have severe financial ramifications. So avoid drunk driving at all cost if you don’t want to add more budget  to your touring to Bali

The worst possible consequence is to cause harm to another person, which may result in legal repercussions such as fines, prosecution, or, at the very least, imprisonment and jail.

In addition, we have all had a few drinks and rode to return overseas or to the resort in Bali at a particular time. 

Still, the extremely cheap cost of hiring a Grab motorbike or vehicle to drive you back is so low that there is just no justification for causing an accident while under the influence of alcohol.

3. The price you have to pay for getting into accident with rented motorbike

If you ever find yourself in a pickle or an accident, keep in mind that the foreigners are always at blame – there will be no arguing over who is at fault. Even if it isn't fair or rational, this is an indisputable truth of life that can be contested.

When there is no physical harm, then respond respectfully and humbly and try to pay regardless of who is really at blame in the situation. 

If it's a minor scratch, you may offer to compensate the other person for "damage" to their scooter - anywhere between IDR 100,000 to IDR 500,000 should suffice, based on the intensity of the incident.


However, when you are involved with an accident while touring to Bali using Bali motorbike rental, you also need to pay for the vehicle damage.  This might add a lot of budget to your touring to Bali. Thus, you have to always be careful on the road. 

Assume that the police will be called if the incident has caused substantial damage to somebody else's property or, heaven forbid if you have injured someone as a result of the accident. I can assure you that this would not be a happy ending to your life.

In this article, I would not go into detail on how to bargain your way out from a significant accident, mostly with police, other than to state that the sum of funds it will charge you will be absolutely related to the amount of injury or damage you had caused and the degree of humility you demonstrate. 

Please keep in mind that aggressiveness will only make any issue worse rather than improve.